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Web Analysis

The first step in creating a web site is to define the siteís goals. It sounds obvious, but think of how many horrible sites are out there. Do you think the people who made them really thought about their goals? I would hazard a guess that they did not. We find that most mistakes in a web site originate from a poorly designed plan.

In the beginning stages you are concerning yourself with thinking things through. You want to map out a blueprint that includes the structure and organization of the site.

When constructing a web site, give pointed care to the content since it carries the weight of the document. In committing words to the text you are putting forth concrete indications about your public image. The textual presentation influences the visitorís ability of understanding what you are all about. In view of this, you want a representation which corresponds to your intentions.

Hint : Focus your ideas by taking control of your content and boiling it down to its very essence. Make sure everything on your page has a really good reason for being there.

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