Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization and web site promotion is a difficult task for anyone to do properly and effectively. Elehost has been researching and studying web site promotion and search engine optimization on the Internet for over 2 years now. Search engines and directories are constantly changing and it has been a tough battle to keep up, but we have assembled a tremendous understanding of what search engines look for so that we can better promote your website.

Below is a list of some of the services we can provide to you to help drive traffic to your websites. Although nothing in the search engine business is guaranteed to work, on average we have been able to improve our customers traffic by 2 to 4 times what they were receiving before we did our work. Obviously sites well listed on search engines already will not benefit as much as those sites just starting out.

Service    $CDN        $US    
Pay-Per-Click Advertising:
NEW! Search engine advertising to both Google Adwords and Overture PPC. Includes creation of your ads on both engines as well as the up-front fee required by Overture.
Setup: $300 Setup $200
Pay-Per-Click Monthly Management:
NEW!  Includes a review of your keywords, price per keyword and ad description once per week to make sure you are not paying too much or too little.
from $35/mo from $25
Web site critique:
Includes analysis of your site with recommendations on how to improve your site.
$60 $40
Home Page Optimization:
Includes optimizing your page in general to accommodate most search engine requirements.
$120 $82
Submission to Engines:
Includes submission to all the major search engines and Directories manually. (one time)
$60 $40
Full Web Site Optimization:
Includes optimizing each one of your pages (up to 10) for the 2 keywords that best represent the pages content. Also includes submission of your site to the Major search engines and Directories and a follow up submission after 3 months has passed. Includes a unique description and keyword tag for each page.
$400 $275
Useful Keyword Analysis:
We analyze your top 5-6 keywords to determine if people actually search for those terms as well as providing related terms that may better suit your objectives.
$60 $40
Web Search Maintenance:
After we perform our optimization work, if you choose this option, we will look at your site once a month to see how the traffic is progressing and where it is coming from. We will then make small changes as necessary as well as focused resubmissions until we feel we can do no more.
$60/mo $40/mo

* Elephanthost makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind that your site traffic will improve or stay at levels achieved now or in the future as a result of the work we perform.
** Elephanthost does not have any affiliation or status with search engines or directories, nor does Elephanthost engage in any underhanded or "spamming" techniques used by some sites.
*** US prices only serve as an approximate value if payment is to be made by credit card.
Pricing does not include your monthly cost per click fees. These are paid directly by you to Google and overture.

Note: if you do not see a service or package you are looking for please don't hesitate to e-mail us or call us at 416-203-6798